Georgia Charter Schools Association

Pre-GaTAPP Graduates First Cohort

Outstanding new teachers now ready for hire in the charter school pipeline

GCSA has proudly graduated its first cohort of nine participants in its PreGaTAPP ( program. PreGaTAPP assists aspiring teachers to enter the field of education as highly qualified and certified teachers. All have been uniquely trained to move into teaching positions in public charter schools.

Our PreGaTAPP candidates have completed field observations at various schools, delved into educational projects, explored many topics surrounding education, and have pushed to prepare for the teaching field. We have worked with them on understanding assessments, unit planning and standards, educator ethics, instructional technology, creating positive classroom culture and contributing to schoolenvironment. They have in-depth understanding of exceptional populations, as well as setting goals and pursuing topics of interest in the education field.

As we prepare these adults in to enter the classroom, GCSA PreGaTAPP also works with schools to recommend teachers for hire. GCSA staff direct participants so that they complete the requirements needed to become highly qualified, as well as well versed in many high needs educational topics today.  Candidates create a personal portfolio of work as a culminating project for use in interviewing with charterschools and to direct their future professional development. Amber Gant-Eldridge of our first cohort shows a great example of her qualifications for an art position in this sample video: