Georgia Charter Schools Association Plant a Charter. Grow a Kid. Thu, 21 May 2015 20:08:21 +0000 en-US hourly 1 New Schools for Georgia Opens Application Process Thu, 21 May 2015 19:52:54 +0000 Atlanta GA — New Schools for Georgia, Georgia’s Charter School Incubator, is seeking applications from mission-driven teams to develop and expand rigorous, innovative, and high-quality school options in Georgia.

Through the Incubator, New Schools for Georgia will work with five new or replicating charter school teams each year, providing highly-focused and personally-tailored training and support for school leaders and governing boards in three distinct phases: Incubation, Year Zero Support, and Ongoing Support. Teams may plan to serve children anywhere in the state, but priority is given to teams planning to serve underserved families through innovative approaches, academic rigor, and a strong sense of social justice.

Successful Incubator team members will be:
• Mission-driven
• Strong communicators
• Strong collaborators
• Patient and committed (willing to serve for two years, at a minimum)
• Strong believers in public service and social justice
• Able to attend all trainings during incubation period and monthly board meetings during Year Zero and after school opening
• Free from ethical and legal conflicts
• Able to pass all legal requirements for working with children, serving on a nonprofit board, having fiduciary responsibility for handling public funds
• Individuals with skills in the following areas: finance, legal, instruction, fundraising/grants, nonprofit operations, governance, community activism, policy, facilities, state/federal/local government, entrepreneurship

Applicant teams need not include an instructional leader, but one must be identified by November, 2015 and s/he be committed before the charter petition is submitted to the authorizer. Instructional leaders must be willing to commit to the full one-year school-based paid fellowship starting in spring of 2016.

Application instructions and full RFP here.

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New Schools for Georgia Charter School Incubator – Cohort 1 Application Thu, 21 May 2015 19:48:25 +0000
What is it?
The Incubator is a three-year turnkey charter school development program with a dual focus on building strong, sustainable boards and developing outstanding school leaders. Our goal is to increase the number of high-performing charter school leaders and schools throughout Georgia, by providing fellows with the information, training and support they will need to start, run, and replicate successful charter schools.

Who should apply?
Applicant groups must have at least four committed team members to apply. Priority will be given to candidates focused on serving underserved populations through innovative approaches and academic rigor, and a strong sense of social justice.

What does it cost?
There is no cost for the program, which includes a paid one-year, school-based internship for school leaders. Special grant funding, up to $275,000 per applicant for start-up costs, is available for charter schools planning to open in the Atlanta Public Schools District.

How to Apply
Submit all requested materials by midnight, June 15th, to

Incubator Application Materials

  1. Resumes should be included for all team members and should include current contact information and relevant experience and should be shorter than two pages in length.
  2. Please list three professional references with current contact information for each team member. These references should be able to speak to why you will be successful as Incubator fellows.
  3. Student Results. Provide evidence of team members’ success in working with students, particularly underserved students.
  4. Responses to the following prompts. Only one response is required for each team. Each response should be no more than 750 words in length.
  • Please succinctly describe your school focus, mission and vision: whom do you plan to serve? What instructional methods will you use? What existing school(s) most closely resemble(s) your planned school? What work have you already done developing this school? Why do you feel you would be a good fit for the Incubator program?
  • Please describe your school’s culture. How will you ensure that all stakeholders–staff, parents, and students–contribute to, and benefit from, this culture?
  • Please describe the qualities needed to be a successful charter school board member, charter school principal, and charter school teacher.
  • What will be your greatest challenge in completing the incubator program? How will you meet this challenge?

Application and Selection Process
Please note the following dates. Interviews will be held at Georgia Charter Schools Association offices, 211 Perimeter Center Parkway, Suite 1000, Atlanta, GA 30346. Phone interviews can be arranged for applicants outside the Metro Atlanta area.


Due (or Occurance) Date



           June 15

June 19


           June 22 – 26

July 1

MOU signed and returned

            July 7


Please send any questions about the application process and/or the Incubator program to Allen Mueller at, or call Allen at 404-835-8900.


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The Main Street Academy – Middle Grades Science Teacher Thu, 21 May 2015 18:05:21 +0000  


  • Demonstrated Middle Grades experience with a passion for teaching science with project-based, hands-on approach is preferred.
  • Demonstrated knowledge and/or incorporation of instructional technology, technology integration, and innovative projects.
  • Georgia certification in Middle Grades Science is preferred, but TAPP-eligible candidates will also be considered.
  • Special consideration will be given to candidates with a Gifted Endorsement.

To apply, please email with your LAST NAME and TEACHER VACANCY in the Subject line. Please attach a cover letter, current resume, and a copy of your GA teacher certification.

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The Main Street Academy – Spanish Teacher Thu, 21 May 2015 18:04:07 +0000 Requirements:

  • Demonstrated experience with a passion for teaching Spanish to students in Grades K-8 is preferred.
  • Demonstrated knowledge and/or incorporation of instructional technology, technology integration, and innovative projects.
  • Georgia certification in Spanish is preferred, but TAPP-eligible candidates will also be considered.
  • Special consideration will be given to candidates with a Gifted Endorsement.

To apply, please email with your LAST NAME and TEACHER VACANCY in the Subject line. Please attach a cover letter, current resume, and a copy of your GA teacher certification.

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DeKalb Preparatory Academy – Head of School/Chief Academic Officer Tue, 19 May 2015 13:43:14 +0000  
Application Process:  Apply online at
School Contact Info: 1402 Austin Drive, Decatur, GA 30032
BACKGROUND: DeKalb Preparatory Academy (DeKalb Prep), a K-8 public charter school located at 1402 Austin Drive, Decatur, GA 30032 was authorized for a five year term beginning in July, 2012 and ending in June, 2017 by DeKalb County Board of Education and the State Board of Education in 2011 and 2012 respectively. DeKalb Prep began instruction in August 2012 and will have completed the full grade implementation through eighth grade by August, 2016. The current student population is 481 in grades K-6 and demographically consists primarily of African American students.
DeKalb Prep was established in partnership with Mosaica Education, a charter management organization to provide school design, instructional support, use of the Paragon curriculum and materials, administrative, technology and financial management services to the school. The partnership recently ended and we are excited to explore other innovative curriculum and culturally relevant school design models that will ensure the achievement of our mission and the academic results expected to fulfill our charter. Finally, the Board of Directors is committed to hiring a visionary and thoughtful leader who will serve and support the internal and external stakeholders who value the education of our students and serves daily as an example of what excellence in education looks like.


The Head of School/Chief Academic Officer of the DeKalb Preparatory Academy reports to the Board of Directors (Board). The Head of School is responsible for the fulfillment of the mission of DeKalb Prep which is to be a rigorous and inspiring school community “where teachers, children, parents, and leaders learn together. Students cultivate knowledge and learn to think critically and act collaboratively and compassionately.” This requires a leader who is experienced with high performing charter school best practices and has a demonstrated passion for the education of urban students.
The Head of School will provide academic and organizational leadership to ensure innovation and excellence in teaching, effective and consistent student learning and achievement, efficient administrative operations and strong parental engagement. Further, we are seeking a highly trained educator who can provide guidance and coaching to both experienced and new to the profession teachers as well as administrative staff. Also, this leader should inspire confidence in the students, parents, faculty, staff, board of directors, and community regarding the progress of DeKalb Prep and the impact we are having on our students. This position will serve as the face of the school and is responsible for student recruitment, while also promoting community involvement and support. The Head of School will also ensure compliance with all aspects of DeKalb County School District regulations and policies, state and federal laws and DeKalb Prep Board approved policies and procedures.


  • Create and sustain a school culture focused on rigorous academics and consistent student learning.
  • Set and enforce high expectations and standards for the academic, cultural, social and emotional
    development of students and the professional performance of faculty and staff to ensure student progress.
  • Evaluate and provide consistent guidance and support for faculty to ensure innovative and rigorous
    academic content and instruction resulting in student achievement that exceeds the academic performance expectations as outlined in the charter agreement.
  • Create and sustain a school environment that embodies our mission and values and provides a fun, nurturing and accountable culture for all stakeholders, most importantly our students and faculty.
  • Establish a continuous improvement model that consistently measures activity and progress towards annual academic, administrative and organizational goals and holds everyone accountable for their contributions to the achievement of our goals.
  • Consistently use multiple sources of data collection to analyze barriers to academic achievement and empower faculty and staff to identify, access and apply instructional, behavioral and social service resources to ensure measurable improvement.
  • Conduct regular faculty, staff and leadership team meetings ensuring the dissemination of relevant information and addressing issues that affect the effective functioning of the school.
  • Provide timely updates to parents regarding the progress of their children and leverage the support of the parent’s group to increase their involvement in the school.
  • Manage the school’s annual budget as adopted by the Board and ensure adherence to all financial policies and appropriate controls to fulfill the fiduciary duty of the Board and the appropriate use of public funds.
  • Attend all board meetings and present a written monthly Head of School report that includes updates on
    enrollment, academic progress, faculty and staff performance, budget status, operational issues and any
    other related items that require Board input and/or approval.
  • Hire, train, evaluate and coach teachers and professional staff including the leadership team.
  • Establish a close working relationship with DeKalb County School District staff to ensure our compliance with
    regulations and policies as well as securing the resources needed to support our students, parents, faculty and staff.
  • Serve as the primary liaison to the DeKalb County School District, State & Federal Departments of Education
    and related agencies, particularly the U.S. Department of Agriculture Free/Reduced Price School Meal
  • Create a school-wide professional development plan for all faculty and staff which encourages their
    continued learning and provides them with training to enhance their skills and ability to effectively carry out
    their duties.
  • Participate with the Board of Directors in annually evaluating school progress and determining annual goals
    which informs instruction and other school functions as well as exceeding the expectations as outlined in the
    charter agreement.
  • Keep the Board of Directors consistently informed of appropriate school issues and updates to ensure the
    effective functioning of the school and the Board’s oversight of management.
  • Actively engage the community to create shared responsibility for student and school success. 


The Board expects and will annually evaluate the Head of School in the following areas:’
  • Providing consistent instructional and educational leadership for faculty that ensures rigorous, innovative
    and accountable teaching focused on the measurable learning of our students, not just on standardized
    tests, but also through academic and emotional progress.
  • Hiring, training, evaluating, coaching and retaining effective faculty and staff who daily demonstrate their
    ability to effectively achieve the mission and vision of DeKalb Prep.
  • Maintain a proactive relationship with parents and community stakeholders that encourages their
    involvement as partners in the education of our students and the overall success of the school.
  • Develop and implement an annual school budget approved by the Board and maintain active control over revenues and expenditures to ensure the effectiveness of the academic activities and the efficiency of the administrative and operational aspects of the school.
  • Serve as the visible and committed leader of DeKalb Prep who consistently works with the Board of Directors to advance the school, inspire students and supervise and coach faculty and staff through the use of educational and leadership best practices.


  • BA/BS and Master’s degree required, doctorate in education or related field(s) preferred.
  • Administrative/Leadership certification preferred;
  • Demonstrated success as a senior academic and/or administrative leader in a public or private K-12
    educational setting, with substantial knowledge of and/or experience working in a high performing charter school preferred. A minimum of three years of demonstrated work experience in an educational leadership role is a requirement.
  • Experience working with a board of directors or advisory board to make collaborative decisions;
  • Demonstrated track record of successful teaching and/or other educational roles, preferably in an urban
    school setting, particularly serving African American students and parents.
  • Exhibited leadership in working with faculty and professional staff, students, parents and the community in achieving educational and organizational goals.
  • Commitment to the educational philosophy of high performing charter schools which centers on high
    expectations and rigorous accountability as keys to ensuring that all students learn.
  • Experience or familiarity with academic data management and the integration of technology and
    instructional innovations to positively impact student academic achievement.
  • Demonstrated success in encouraging parental involvement and creating a true partnership with them as
    advocates for their children and ambassadors for the school.
  • Needs to be an excellent communicator through superior written and oral communications skills as well as
    being a thoughtful and compassionate listener.
  • Ability to simultaneously manage multiple projects and priorities while meeting deadlines as well as being a
    very effective delegator and one who seeks to empower others to make decisions and get things done.
  • Respond to requests by the Board, DeKalb County School District and parents in a positive and timely
    manner. Be courteous, professional and tactful at all times.
  • Serve as a role model who acknowledges through actions and behaviors the critical value of human
    relationships in achieving personal and professional goals and the organizational purpose and mission.
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International Community School – Director of Finance & Operations Mon, 11 May 2015 16:03:36 +0000 International Community School (ICS) is seeking an experienced Director of Finance & Operations to lead this DeKalb County public charter school’s financial, business, and operations areas. Looking for a self-starter, team-oriented individual with a successful non-profit track record to join our team. Start date immediate. 

Direct Reports:   Bookkeeper, Office Assistant, Operations Manager, Receptionist, Registrar


  • Recommend, implement and monitor the school’s financial policies and procedures.
  • Maintain annual budgets, cash flow reports, budget projections, balance sheets, and other financial reports.
  • Provide oversight of day-to-day transactions and bookkeeping for the school using QuickBooks and assure quality control.
  • Manage bookkeeper and bookkeeping functions, ensuring separation of duties.
  • Ensure an accurate and timely monthly, quarterly and year end close.
  • Prepare reports for review by the Head of School and Board of Trustees.
  • Lead monthly Finance Committee meetings in collaboration with the ICS Board Treasurer.
  • Assure filing system for all financial documentation.
  • Maintain the General Ledger, payroll, and benefits.
  • Perform the processing of Accounts Payable and Debit Card Transactions in a timely and effective manner.
  • Ensure accuracy of all financial data, reports and systems.
  • Assure compliance with all state and district requirements and reporting.
  • Monitor and analyze revenues and expenditures.
  • Support efforts to plan and execute financial growth in support of the school.
  • Assure compliance with all Federal and other grant requirements related to expenditures, reimbursements and reporting.


  • Oversee all day-to-day operational activities of the school.
  • Maintain inventory of all assets in the school building, including computers, equipment, furniture, uniforms, etc.
  • Develop and evaluate office procedures and policies.
  • Complete all compliance-related reports for stakeholders.
  • Manage and supervise the Title I process.
  • Ensures school-wide compliance with health and safety laws, teacher certification, city and state education mandates, and all federal and state workplace regulations.
  • Manage student enrollment process, including recruitment, applications, registration and waitlist.
  • Manage student information system; generates reports cards, progress reports, and schedules, ensuring that all student attendance, tardies, and enrollment are monitored.


  • Participate in the school community as a full member of the staff, including but not limited to assisting the School Leader with planning of school-wide events, handling field trip logistics, and participating in all-staff meetings
  • Manage the efforts of all office staff (number of office staff vary by school):  Office Assistant, Receptionist, etc.
  • Ensure the smooth operation of the administrative office, including mailings, attendance reporting, office machine maintenance, etc.
  • Manage all volunteers, including sourcing, selection, and assigning of duties.


  • Manage all aspects of technology including setting up infrastructure, managing vendor contracts (if in place), and serving as point of contact for all staff questions.
  • Lead the purchasing and maintenance processes for technology equipment as well as the implementation of technology training.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree required.   CPA and/or Master’s degree preferred.
  • Four years of experience in financial statement analysis desired.
  • Prior experience working within educational institutions, school systems, charter schools, or nonprofit organizations preferred.
  • Four years of experience with people and process management responsibility desired.
  • Demonstrated ability in data management and presentation of financial data.
  • Proficiency in QuickBooks, Microsoft Word, Outlook and PowerPoint.
  • Advanced Excel skills (i.e. V-Lookups, H-Lookups, Pivot Tables) required.

Key Competencies:

  • Agreement with and commitment to the academic goals and philosophy of ICS.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Motivated to learn new concepts and lead process improvement.
  • Empowered to coach individuals and teams to optimal performance.
  • Capable of working both collaboratively and independently.
  • Values input and feedback.
  • Thrives in entrepreneurial start-up environment and working conditions.
  • Ability to interact with various stakeholders from parents, students, vendors, teachers, etc.
  • Strong organizational and analytical skills.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Self-starter and demonstrated resourcefulness.
  • History of getting results.
  • Highly organized, detail-oriented.
  • Strategic and critical thinker.
  • Flexible and strong ability to multi-task.

Compensation and Benefits:

Salary is commensurate with experience. Competitive benefits package including health coverage and retirement. Submit applications to: 

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KIPP WAYS Primary (Atlanta Public Schools) Fri, 08 May 2015 15:23:31 +0000 KIPP WAYS Primary (KWP) is the eighth and newest KIPP school in Metro Atlanta, opening its doors to an inaugural class of 108 Kindergarteners in July 2014. The school will grow by a grade level a year to serve grades K-4 in the 2018-19 school year.  KIPP WAYS Primary is located in the same facility as KIPP WAYS Academy in West Atlanta, and together the schools on this campus will provide students in the Washington Park, Vine City, and English Avenue neighborhoods with a seamless K-8 college preparatory experience.
School District: Atlanta Public Schools
Address: 350 Temple Street NW
City: Atlanta, GA
Zip: 30314
Tel: 404-475-1941
Principal: Tandi Tyler
Charter Type: Independent
Grades: K-4


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Georgia School for Innovation and The Classics (State Charter Schools Commission) Fri, 08 May 2015 14:41:59 +0000 The Georgia School for Innovation and the Classics is a public charter school that will open in August 2015.  GSIC is located at 5073 Storey Mill Road in Hephzibah, Georgia at the intersection of Storey Mill and Fulcher Roads. 

Georgia School for Innovation and the Classics will open serving grades Kindergarten through sixth and expand by one grade level per year.  GSIC has a statewide attendance zone ensuring all Georgia resident students are eligible to attend. 

GSIC is committed to excellence in all its endeavors including delivering a classical education centered on the three phases of the classical Trivium: grammar (grades 1-4), logic (grades 5-8), and rhetoric (grades 9-12) with an employment of the Socratic method throughout the classroom experience.  The critical thinking skills developed through the rigorous use of the Socratic Method throughout the curriculum will foster an ethic of self-leadership and be a platform for learning the four Classical Virtues: Wisdom, Justice, Temperance, and Courage.

Supplemented by at least four optional Career Pathways for secondary students including: Linguistics, Nuclear Technology, Sustainable Agriculture, and Entertainment Technology, students at GSIC will participate in unique civic, industry, and higher education partnerships.  

School District:  Statewide
Address: 5073 Storey Mill Road
City: Hephzibah, GA
Zip: 30815
Tel: 706-836-0169
Principal: Dr. Stephanie Payne
Charter Type: State Charter Schools Commission
Grades: 1-12
GCSA Member:  no

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THINC College & Career Academy (Troup County) Thu, 07 May 2015 20:57:25 +0000

THINCTHINC College & Career Academy shapes students to be “work savvy” when entering the workforce or college. These students are highly desirable to businesses and colleges not only because they’re equipped with technical and career-specific skills, but because they understand the soft skills of business – a firm handshake, a strong work ethic and critical thinking skills.

The concept for a Troup County career academy was born out of the Workforce Development Committee of the Troup County Center for Strategic Planning. With substantial input from the business community, the committee identified a host of strategies to improve recruiting, hiring and retention of highly qualified employees, with a college and career academy top of the list.

School District: Troup County
Address: One College Circle
City: LaGrange, GA
Zip: 30240
CEO: Cathy Carlisle
Principal: Chris Williams
Charter Type: College & Career Academy
Grades: HS Juniors & Seniors
GCSA Member: Yes

– See more at:

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Drew Senior Academy (Atlanta Public Schools) Thu, 07 May 2015 20:30:54 +0000 DSA
School District: Atlanta Public Schools
Address: 300 East Lake Blvd
City: Atlanta, GA
Zip: 30317
Tel: (470) 355-1200
Principal: Peter McKnight
Charter Type: Startup
Grades: 9-12
GCSA Member:Yes


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