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Aspiring Charter Teacher Institute

 Aspiring Charter Teacher Institute

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-Training “aspiring teachers” to transition into the P-12 teaching profession…

offered by the Georgia Charter Schools Association (GCSA)

Prepare, Perform, Progress…“A training program for aspiring teachers who are seeking to enter the teaching profession to prepare highly effective educators to enter P-12 classrooms.” 

  • Supports aspiring teachers as they transition from post-secondary education and/or careers in fields including education into the field of teaching; 
  • Prepares aspiring teachers to seek employment within a charter school
  • Secures a potential spot in the Georgia Teacher Academy for Preparation and Pedagogy (GaTAPP), which is performance-based program for employed charter teachers to prepare and certify highly effective teachers; 
  • seeks to equip candidates with the skills to ensure a reasonable expectation of success in the classroom, which will help them gain employment in a charter school or other public school;
  • trains teacher candidates with the knowledge  and dispositions delineated in the teaching competencies to improve teaching and learning and enhance student achievement; and
  • Provide a viable pool of candidates for administrators in the charter sector to recruit and hire teachers prepared to enter classrooms and work toward clear renewable certification via the GCSA GaTAPP program through the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. 

Aspiring Teacher Institute Initiatives        

The vision of the Aspiring Teacher Institute  is to enhance the social, emotional, and academic growth in charter school students.  The mission is to promote highly effective teaching and learning, scholarship, and professionalism in the charter sector through quality professional learning, best practices, mentoring, and assessment practices.

Aspiring Teacher Institute Offerings

  • Continued help and guidance on how to become a teacher in Georgia, specifically in the charter sector.
  • Professional learning for aspiring teachers including unit and lesson planning, resume development.
  • Curriculum and pedagogy based on competencies and dispositions to prepare individuals to enter the classroom.
  • Support to become highly qualified with the PSC and meet all eligibility requirements to enter GCSAs GaTAPP program to earn clear renewable certification; PreGaTAPP is NOT a certification program, but prepares aspiring teachers to enter GCSAs GaTAPP and gain state certification upon successful completion.
  • Ongoing assessment practices with continued feedback and reflection to meet the mission and vision of the charter sector.
  • Entry into our viable pool of candidates for charter schools across Georgia to hire from and potential be interviews at the GCSA Job Fair.


For further information contact: Juli Sergi, Director, Certification Programs, or for program specifics and registration links.

*Registration Deadlines: Ongoing Until Cohort Reaches Maximum Numbers

*The program cost is $300.00, which is delivered in a blended learning environment including three interactive Workshops and online professional learning via our electronic system (LiveText).




Highly Qualified and Certification Assistance