Georgia Charter Schools Association

Aspiring Charter Teacher Institute


 Aspiring  eacher Institute

Providing “aspiring teachers” training to transition into the charter sector
teaching profession. Offered by the Georgia Charter Schools Association

Prepare, Perform, Progress…“A training program for aspiring
teachers who are seeking to enter the teaching profession.”

The goal of the Aspiring Teacher Institute is to assist aspiring teachers as they
work to enter the field of teaching and secure employment in the charter
sector, including independent and system charter schools. The Aspiring Teacher
Institute prepares individuals to seek employment within a charter school
by equipping individuals with the skills to ensure a reasonable expectation
of success in the classroom. The Institute will help them gain employment
in a charter school or other public school, as well as provide a viable pool of
candidates for administrators in the charter sector to recruit and hire teachers
prepared to enter classrooms and and transition into the teacher preparation
pathway via the GCSA GaTAPP.

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