Georgia Charter Schools Association

Tapestry Presents Innovative Petition to DeKalb County

First charter proposal combining neurotypical and autism spectrum students 

Members of Tapestry Charter School founding group present
their petition to DeKalb County 

After working closely with GCSA through our CharterStart program,  Tapestry Public Charter School has presented its petition to DeKalb County with hopes of opening for the 2014-2015 school year. According to Elisa Falco, GCSA’s Director of Education & Training, Tapestry opted for CharterStart on an a la carte basis. “Tapestry engaged in the Funding, Budgeting, Fiscal Feasibility and Controls workshop as well as Governance Training. Since they began their petitioning journey, GCSA has provided general advice and feedback on developing a quality charter school petition,” Falco said.


Tapestry’s mission is to offer an inclusive, individualized learning environment that is academically engaging, both for neurotypical students and those on the autism spectrum. 

Tapestry was founded by a committed group of parents, educators, psychologists, legal experts, and business professionals. Their vision is to provide a charter school model that will facilitate an accommodating, encouraging, and responsive environment with a broad base of support and best practices that increase student achievement for all. It is an inclusive school designed for those who will benefit from a student-driven, experiential, sensory-based learning environment,
Tapestry is committed to the arts and will feature a school-wide drama/theater program, enhanced by partnerships with the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta and SENSE Theatre at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. Tapestry is further supported by partnerships with Brenau College, Georgia State University, Kennesaw State University, Mercer University, and the University of West Georgia. Pending approval, Tapestry will open in 2014 for children in grades 6 – 8, with an additional grade added each subsequent year so that students in grades 6–12 will be served by the end of the five-year charter. 
While Tapestry won’t begin an official search and hiring process for staff until their charter petition is approved, individuals interested in future employment may send a cover letter and CV/resume via email to Tonna Harris-BosselmannVisit the Tapestry website.