Georgia Charter Schools Association

Your Advocacy Makes a Difference!

Your swift action on HB 680 and HB 886, using GCSA’s Phone2Action system, was decisive! On HB 680, which GCSA opposed, 339 emails were sent to Rep. Stacey Abrams over a 3 day time period — Representative Abrams now says she does not plan to move the bill forward. 

On HB 886, 419 individuals sent a total of 9,648 emails to members of the House Education Committee and to Speaker Ralston expressing support for the bill. Last week it passed out of the House Education Committee last week by a unanimous vote and now travels to the full House and then to the Senate. Way to go!

Never underestimate the impact your voice can have in influencing legislation. If you haven’t signed up for Phone2Action, simply text the word HOPE to 52886 on any smart phone! Do it today.