Georgia Charter Schools Association

Westside Atlanta Charter School (Atlanta Public Schools)

Located in Atlanta’s Westside community, initially serving grades K-2, eventually expanding to serve grades K-8.
Opening in August, 2013.

School District: APS
Address: PO Box 19823, Atlanta, GA 30325
City: Atlanta
Tel:  478-420-0275 (voice messages)
Principal: Pete Settelmayer
Charter Type:
 Independent Start-Up 
GCSA Member: Yes


Mission Statement

Westside Atlanta Charter School exists to serve students, teachers and families within Atlanta’s Westside community. With language and literacy as the core of our curriculum, we provide a comprehensive learning experience that emphasizes the development of leadership among students, while challenging and encouraging educators to grow professionally and personally.

Vision Statement

Westside Atlanta Charter School aspires to create a culture of service and leadership where students and educators grow in curiosity, critical thinking and creativity. We envision our school as a place of exceptional academic preparation and dynamic social engagement, with the goal of becoming an integral part of a vibrant community.

Our innovative language and literacy focus will provide a firm educational foundation for the students we serve, enabling them to grow in leadership and character through applied learning opportunities. Each child entrusted to our care should leave our school ready to engage in meaningful ways with their broader community, having internalized our core values of imagination, rigor and service.

Why the “Westside”?

Our community is a beautiful mix of the old and the new. Northwest Atlanta, defined roughly as the 30318 zip code, has grown rapidly in recently years with the addition of brand new residential units in neighborhoods alongside some of the Westside’s historic neighborhoods. Developments such as Atlantic Station and White Provisions are drawing new residents to the area, while the nearby Beltline, including the proposed 300-acre Westside Park, promises to bring additional dwelling units, many of which will provide affordable housing, to an area less than one mile from the proposed school location. WACS seeks to align our investment of educational resources with Atlanta’s investment in the Westside in order to best serve residents, old and new alike, by capitalizing on the tremendous diversity, transportation infrastructure, outdoor spaces, and other community assets that exist and are continuing to develop in our community.

There are currently no charter school options that are located within the 30318 zip code. Significantly, there currently exists a tremendous disparity in racial and socio-economic characteristics between neighborhoods and schools in the north (Buckhead) and south (Bankhead) portions of our zip code, a disparity exasperated by the gap in test scores for these schools and the fact that enrollment is climbing on one side of this divide and falling on the other. We believe that WACS will offer a meaningful option for parents in our area, enabled by waiver freedom from existing school zoning so that we can participate in bringing the students in these diverse neighborhoods together.