Georgia Charter Schools Association

Making Change in Macon


GCSA hosted a community forum on Monday night in Macon, GA to stimulate local discussion on public charter schools. A small and very engaged group of parents, teachers and community members heard presentations from Andrew Lewis, Executive V.P., and Dr. Gavin Samms, head of Fulton Leadership Academy, an all-boys charter school with an aviation and leadership focus, that has demonstrated remarkable academic gains in its short three year history.

The Macon audience included several groups already working on charter school petitions, as well as others looking for information on how to begin the process. 

Lamonica Sanford, Principal of Provost Academy’s new Magic Johnson Bridgescape Center, now in Macon, was also in the audience. Macon’s Bridgescape Center is a virtual charter school that offers a flexible virtual study program for high school students who have not been successful in traditional public schools. It currently enrolls 23 students.

The GCSA staff is available to convene public information meetings on chartering all over Georgia. Please contact RaShaun Holliman, Director of Outreach, and we will be happy to set up a forum in your community, at no charge. This is an important way to stimulate and accelerate the creation of high quality public charter schools in communities that do not provide good public school options.