Georgia Charter Schools Association

Georgia’s Charter School Community Upbeat About ­­­New Charter Commission Executive Director

ATLANTA, GA, February 22, 2013 — The appointment of Bonnie Holliday, Executive Director of the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement (GOSA), as the new Executive Director of the re-established Georgia Charter Schools Commission, was greeted with widespread enthusiasm by members of the public charter school community.  Mrs. Holliday, who was tapped to head the Charter Schools Commission on Wednesday, served the previous Charter Commission as Program Manager for Accountability. 

“The Commission is off to a great start with Bonnie Holliday at the helm,” said Tony Roberts, President and CEO of the Georgia Charter Schools Association (GCSA) “Bonnie brings tremendous depth of experience to the job and is deeply committed to public education and to the charter school movement.”

“Bonnie has been a classroom teacher and I was delighted to learn that her Ph.D. dissertation at UGA is about the growth of school choice and the charter sector in our state. She clearly understands the importance of accountability in education, having led the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement, and in her role as Accountability Manager for Georgia’s Race to the Top Innovation Fund. These qualities will lift the bar on charter school authorizing in Georgia.”

Kylie Holie, Principal of the Pataula Charter Academy in Edison, GA, has worked closely with Mrs. Holiday. She also expressed enthusiasm for the appointment. “We were very pleased to hear that Bonnie Holliday would be the new Charter Commission Director. We have worked with Bonnie through the DOE Charter Division and the Governor’s reading instruction mentor initiative. She is a strong advocate for school choice and is all about what is best for kids, which makes her perfect for this position.” 

Bonnie Holliday begins her job on March 1, 2013.