Georgia Charter Schools Association

Board Policy Manual

Providing board policy templates and guidance 

The Georgia Charter Schools Association, in partnership with The National Charter Schools Institute and Education Advisors, has developed policy templates for critical policies and needed in every charter school policy manual.

The policy templates have been carefully crafted following best practices and have been reviewed and vetted by legal experts (schools should have their own legal experts review policies prior to adoption).  The policies provide a solid foundation for your board to utilize for adopting your own policies. 

  • Complete Manual Federal (for LEA and non-LEA schools) 
  • Financial 
  • Human Resources 
  • Board 
  • Operational 
  • Individual Policies

Bi-annual and yearly update service for federal and state policies are available.  

Board Policy Templates – Table of Contents

Register for Policy Templates.  You will be contacted regarding the policy templates and will be required to execute an end user agreement. 

For more information, contact:
Elisa Falco
Vice President of School Services