Georgia Charter Schools Association

Governance Training & Strategic Planning

Preparing governing boards to effectively serve

GCSA is a state authorized provider of governance training for public school boards and ensures that boards are prepared to:

  • Meet fiduciary duties
  • Set and enforce sound policy
  • Oversee school leaders or management organizations
  • Ensure excellent instructional outcomes and fiscal stewardship
  • Follow legal and regulatory requirements
  • Employ best practices in governance
  • Plan strategically

Governance training and strategic planning are offered via a variety of methods:

  • Twice annually, a one hour general governance training is offered free of charge to member schools.  Check the website calendar for dates.
  • An on-demand recorded webinar called Board Duties and Responsibilities covering basic governance concepts can be found at:  Recorded Webinars.  This is a perfect addition to orientation programs for new board members.
  • Live webinars may be scheduled with customized content with individual schools, board members, or groups of schools.
  • Customized training and/or strategic planning sessions (generally 2-3 hours) may be scheduled with individual schools or a group of schools.

For further information contact:

Elisa A. Falcó, Director of Education and Training, 404-550-9401