Georgia Charter Schools Association

CharterTeacher Preparation and Certification Program (GaTAPP)


GA Teacher Academy for Preparation & Pedagogy (GaTAPP)

Providing non-traditional teacher preparation and certification for the 
charter sector. Offered by the Georgia Charter Schools Association (GCSA)
Prepare, Perform, Progress…“Preparing highly effective 
teachers through the ongoing assessment of performance 
practices to ensure teacher quality and student achievement.”

The goal of GCSA GaTAPP is to assist schools and teachers with compliance 
for highly qualified status and teacher certification via a non-traditional 
route to teacher preparation and certification geared specifically to teachers 
employed in the charter school sector, including independent and system 
charter teachers. The GaTAPP is a performance-based, job-embedded teacher 
preparation program for teacher candidates to earn a professional teaching 
certificate via a blended-model training that includes demonstration of 
proficient classroom performance, external field experiences, and support from 
an assigned Candidate Support Team.

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