Georgia Charter Schools Association

CharterTeacher Exceptional Children Course

GCSA ExceptionalChildrenCourseHB 671

-Training educators to teach exceptional children

WHO:        Current or Future School Educators who serve Exceptional Children and/or need to satisfy the PSC certification requirement.

 WHAT:      This Exceptional Children course needs to be completed as per the requirements set forth by the Georgia Professional Standards (PSC) via the Introduction to Exceptional Children-HB 671, Course DE2880-C300. This course is designed to facilitate the identification, curriculum modification, and instruction of exceptional children and includes the history, philosophy and psychology of teaching disabled and gifted populations. It is a basic overview/survey of all areas and categories of special education and giftedness. The purpose is to provide an introduction to students with exceptionalities for those who teach special education and gifted populations. It covers all aspects of requirements of IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act).

 This is a 50 hour course for educators (5 PLUs), as needed and the content is delivered via an online system (LiveText) and should conclude 5 weeks from the start date.  The course outline is a sequential, self-directed professional learning experience using e-modules. 

 WHEN:      Online as needed via LiveText.

WHERE:   Online as a sequential, self-directed professional learning experience using e-modules via LiveText.

WHY:        This course is intended to build skills and competencies to strengthen your effectiveness in providing differentiated learning to diverse populations of students including special education and gifted to improve student achievement.

HOW:        Register as needed (please email when registered): 

 COST:       The cost per for this course is $350.00 which includes a LiveText account that GCSA will provide.  If the teacher already has a LiveText account a new one is not needed and the course will cost $250.00. Once the program fees have been applied, no credits or refunds are available.

 BOOK:     A Guide to Co-Teaching: Practical Tips for Facilitating Student Learning: Practical Tips for Facilitating Student Learning (Villa, Thousand, & Nevin; ~$5 new) and Brain Friendly Strategies for the Inclusion Classroom (Judy Willis; ~$18 new).

For further information contact: Juli Sergi, Director of Certification Programs, or access for Program Overviews and Registration Links.