Georgia Charter Schools Association


CharterLeader Program 

-Preparing aspiring expert leaders for non-profit business and educational leadership.

Offered by the Georgia Charter Schools Association (GCSA)

Training for those aspiring expert leaders who are interested in enhancing their charter-specific training  and are  seeking to enhance their leadership abilities to start, lead, convert, replicate, and/or expand a charter school. To build skills and competencies and strengthen your charter leadership effectiveness and to provide adequate succession planning and sustainability for schools in the use of both education and business practices.  Intensive training in all aspects of charter leadership to fill Georgia’s pipeline with an entrepreneurial and visionary “new breed” of educators who are ready to lead charter schools. Provides an intensive and comprehensive training program covering all aspects of charter school leadership. Intended to prepare new leaders for the responsibility of operating a high quality charter school. Helps build skills and competencies in operational leaders. Combines intensive modules in educational and school business leadership. Candidates emerge with the knowledge and ability to promote the success of all students, promote a positive school culture, and have the tools to manage the operations of their school. Delivered through job-embedded, performance-based learning opportunities.

Small cohorts of candidates will work individually and collaboratively, sharing the realities of day-to-day classroom and school leadership practices.  GCSA will select a specified number of top aspiring expert leaders to join the cohort.  The training will be offered as one comprehensive program and leaders are eligible for 10 Professional Learning Units (PLUs) upon program completion. 

Taught by experts familiar with Georgia charter school policy and effective charter school leadership.

  • Standards-based Curriculum, Pedagogy, and Assessment Practices

  • Staff Recruitment and Labor Relations Management

  • Facilities Management and  Finance and Accounting

  • Communication and Marketing

  • Charter School Governance and Accountability

  • School Policy Making and Risk Management

  • Cultivating School Culture and Addressing Diversity

  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance with federal and state programs

  • Organizational Development

  • Data Management and Analysis and Fundraising and Grants Management

  • Education Management Organization (EMO) and Board Oversight

 The cost of the program is $3000.00 for comprehensive training in both education and business practices.  

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