Georgia Charter Schools Association


Helping charter schools launch operations 

CharterLaunch provides foundational knowledge and technical assistance to help charter school founders with successful implementation of a high quality charter school that meet GCSA’s Quality School Standards.  The program assists boards and leaders with:

  • Implementing systems, procedures and policies
  • Planning and delivering individualized, mission specific professional development 
  • Creating, implementing and evaluating a school-wide dashboard to track charter goals

 The CharterLaunch program includes the following:

Board Policy Manual

The Georgia Charter Schools Association, in partnership with The National Charter Schools Institute and Education Advisors, has developed policy templates for critical policies needed in every charter school policy manual.  The policy templates have been carefully crafted following best practices and have been reviewed and vetted by legal experts.  They provide a solid foundation for your board to utilize for adopting your own policies.  The complete policy manual includes various policies in each of the following areas:  Federal (for LEA and non-LEA Schools), financial, human resources, board policies and school operations policies.  Period updates of Federal policies are also included.  Relevant procedural form templates for successful implementation of policies are also included.

 CharterLaunch Professional Development

Workshops are scheduled throughout the year covering all aspects of operating and sustaining a successful charter school.  The schedule of professional development workshops is based on each school’s yearly calendar and in-service opportunities.   Governance training and strategic planning are included in all CharterLaunch professional development programs.  While professional development programs are school specific, GCSA also ensures that training programs are aligned with industry best practices.  GCSA, the state’s advocate for charter schools, monitors best practices in education and business, and the work of charter school organizations across the nation.

 Operational Assessment

During each year of the CharterLaunch program, an Operational Assessment is conducted to determine organizational risks, weak areas, staff capacity and compliance with local, state and federal regulations.  Upon completion of the operational assessment, the school is provided with a comprehensive report that will assist with strategic development and organizational growth. 

 Monthly Visits

Monthly visits are conducted with the school’s leadership team to ensure that systems, processes and procedures are effectively and consistently implemented and evaluated.

CharterLaunch has provided a tremendous service to Destiny in assisting us in mapping our goals and objectives to the practical application of service delivery in a way that affirms our purpose. CharterLaunch is what all schools need, both new and seasoned, to establish and maintain focus.”

Ben C. Jakes, CEO

Destiny Achievers Academy of Excellence


 For further information contact:

Elisa A. Falcó, Director of Education and Training, 404-550-9401