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Types of Charters

In Georgia, there are two types of charter schools: startup charter schools and conversion charter schools. Startup charter schools are often grouped by their authorizer: locally approved charter schools and state charter commission schools.

What is a startup charter school?
A startup charter school is a charter school that did not exist prior to becoming a charter school.

What is a conversion charter school?
A conversion charter school is a charter school that previously existed as a traditional public school. The traditional public school entered into a charter to gain additional flexibility in exchange for greater accountability.

What is state charter commission school?
A state charter commission school is a school that has been approved by the State Board of Education after having been denied by a local school district.What is a charter system?

A charter system is a local school district that operates under the terms of a charter between the State Board of Education and the local school district. The system receives flexibility from certain state rules and regulations in exchange for greater accountability. There is an emphasis on school-based leadership and decision-making.

What is a charter career academy?
A charter career academy is a specialized charter school established by a partnership between business, industry, and community stakeholders to advance workforce development. Career academies can either be startup schools or conversion charter schools