Georgia Charter Schools Association

Savannah Classical Academy (Savannah/Chatham)

School District: Savannah/Chatham

Address: 705 East Anderson St.
City: Savannah, GA
Zip: 31401
Fax: 678-370-0981
School Leader: Benjamin Payne
Charter Type: Independent
Grades: Initially serving grades K-6; serving grades K-12 by 2019
GCSA Member:Yes

What is Savannah Classical Academy?

In May of 2008, a core group of parents, teachers, and community members with a strong desire to provide the same stellar public education to the inner city that they had found available in specialty programs within the district, began discussions about the best way to serve these most needy students. Seeing that many parents of economically disadvantaged students were not taking advantage of specialty programs, there began a desire to bring such a program to those students.

Savannah Classical Academy will provide students a rigorous classical, liberal arts education that includes a strong emphasis on civics to equip students to understand and uphold America’s founding principles. Unique to its approach is the combining of the classical, liberal arts tradition with cutting-edge, researched-based programs, each of which involves an organized and sequential continuum of learning.

To accomplish its mission, SCA will ground education in the humanities, the sciences, and the arts in several current and research-based curricula/programs in the elementary and middle schools. These include: the Core Knowledge Sequence—a specific, grade-by-grade core curriculum of common learning; a multi-sensory, brain-based approach for teaching “explicit” phonics, reading and language arts; a conceptual approach to mathematical skill building and problem solving through a rigorous math program; and a hands-on approach to scientific inquiry with emphasis on fundamentals. In the high school, students will receive a classical liberal arts education that aligns with but exceeds Common Core Georgia Performance Standards.

An experiential learning environment and Socratic based discussions in the classroom will create an environment for students to question assumptions as they think critically. Also, the visual and performing arts are an integral part of a truly complete education program. The arts are part of and not an addendum to the curriculum. The school will also offer expanded before and after school programs, as well as learning opportunities for the entire family.