Georgia Charter Schools Association

Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School – Elementary Campus (Atlanta Public Schools)

The Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School Elementary Campus is a K-5 school in historic Grant Park, near downtown Atlanta.

  • School District: Atlanta
  • Address: 688 Grant Street, SE
  • City: Atlanta, GA
  • Zip: 30315
  • Tel: (404) 624-6226
  • Fax: (404) 624-9093
  • Principal:  Lara Zelski
  • Web:
  • Charter Type: Independent
  • Grades:  K – 5
  • Students:  280


The Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School – Elementary Campus was conceived and planned by a group of concerned parents, community members, and educators that believe in public education and are confident that a well-designed and well-managed charter school will allow children from diverse communities such as ours to flourish.

The school opened in the Fall of 2002 but experienced a traumatic fire in February, 2003. The school is now rebuilt in the same building and opened for its first full year in the new building (August, 2005).

NCS is unique in that we:

  • Base our curricula on a “constructivist” educational philosophy. Constructivism honors children by acknowledging that they learn best by interacting with materials and people rather than through the passive transfer of information from books or teachers.
  • Involve the entire community in the education of our children. More than just parents matter; our school is the responsibility of all community members and all interested members will be welcome participants in the education process.
  • Have a dynamic partnership with Zoo Atlanta. Zoo Atlanta is one of Atlanta’s in-town treasures. We developed a unique partnership.