Georgia Charter Schools Association

Chattahoochee Hills Charter School (Fulton County)

School District: Fulton County

Opening: Fall 2014
 9670 Rivertown Rd
City: Chattahoochee Hills, GA
Zip: 30123
Phone: 678.466.7300
Fax: 678.466.7305
Principal: Walter Buttler
Charter Type: Fulton County startup 
Grades: K – 5 (adding a grade each year until we reach K-8)
Students: approximately 270 on opening
GCSA Member: Yes

Chattahoochee Hills Charter School (CHCS) is a school founded on experientially learning based on the Arts, Agriculture & the Environment as it is positioned to meet the Georgia Performance Standards. It is a K-5 school with the goal of recruiting 270 students the first year with smaller class sizes of 15 students and opening in August 2014. CHCS will add one grade per year until we reach K-8 in 2017. A Fulton County approved Charter, we are located amongst the beautiful rolling hills of Chattahoochee Hills. It is the uniqueness of our rural location that lends itself to our unique curriculum. The Chattahoochee Hills Country Community was founded on a shared vision of continued care and respect for our rural heritage and a belief that active engagement with the environment, agriculture and the arts make a purposeful and worthwhile life.

The mission of Chattahoochee Hills Charter School is to inspire all our children to the highest levels of academic achievement through a rigorous curriculum that integrates the wonders of the natural world. Our goal is for our students to cultivate the capacity to achieve a meaningful, healthy, flourishing life that embodies responsibility, stewardship, experiential engagement with the arts, agriculture and the environment in informed, imaginative, and rigorous ways.

CHCS focuses on a hands-on thematic instructional approach that uses the school’s unique rural surroundings as a framework. It positions agricultural, environmental, and artistic themes as lenses through which the Georgia state performance standards will be achieved and exceeded. Extensive research shows that students who engage in environmental-based investigations in their own community often experience better performance on standardized tests, have less discipline and class room management problems, and an increased enthusiasm for learning. We value academic excellence, artistic expression, environmental stewardship, high standards of ethics and good character, a concern for physical health and well-being, and social responsibility.

The CHCS academic program will feature two unique innovative approaches:

1. Curriculum will be structured so that students learn how to learn. Our curriculum encourages critical thinking, complex problem-solving and team work. Subject lessons are designed to tap into children’s natural sense of curiosity and promote active discussion between peers and teachers.

2. Our curriculum model will use the abundant rural nature of the community as a vehicle for experimental learning in life sciences, math and other core subjects. Students will work in nearby streams and fields, practice recycling to experiences the impact of their choices on the environment, develop their artistic talents guided by local artisans, and consider and test solutions to the problems in their community. They will develop an understanding of the larger implications of these problems around the world.

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