Georgia Charter Schools Association

Academy for Classical Education (Bibb County)

The mission of the Academy for Classical Education is to build the foundation of knowledge and critical thinking skills necessary for children to become independent learners for life.
At ACE we believe the following:                                                             

  • Students in Bibb County WANT and DESERVE a rigorous, structured educational experience.
  • By fully developing the life of the mind, students will become better citizens, better consumers, and more involved in the community and the world in which they live.
  • If we expect the best and demand it, we will get the BEST results. 

At ACE we believe that students must have a solid foundation for learning before they can understand the importance of education and we believe that the classical education curriculum best serves an individual’s long term intellectual goals over the traditional modern, progressive models.

School District: Bibb County
Address: 5665 New Forsyth Road
City: Macon, Georgia
Zip: 31221
Phone:  478-238-5757
Principal: Laura Perkins
Charter Type: Startup
Grades: K-8 when opening in August 2014. A grade a year will be added until the school reaches a K-12 grade configuration.
GCSA Member: Yes