Georgia Charter Schools Association

State Charter Schools Commission Returns More than $2 Million in Funds to Georgia Classrooms

July 7, 2014, Atlanta, GA –  Georgia’s State Charter Schools Commission (SCSC) reports that at the close of fiscal year 2014, it has returned more than $2 million in funds to state charter schools.

Earlier this year, the Commission also voted to decrease its administrative fee from 3 percent to just under 2 percent, resulting in savings of approximately $1,674,000 to state authorized charter schools.

When the Commission closed its books on FY2014, it unanimously voted to return any surplus funds to state charter schools to cover their expenses in the upcoming school year.

“It is remarkable, unusual, and commendable, that the State Charter Schools Commission has not only lowered its fees but has voluntarily reinvested a surplus back into Georgia classrooms,” said Dr. Tony Roberts, CEO and president of the Georgia Charter Schools Association. “Those who predicted that the Commission would become yet another bloated and bureaucratic state agency, were dead wrong. The charter Commissioners have proven themselves to be efficient stewards of state dollars who are dedicated to high quality pubic schools.”

Cheryl Weathersby, CFO and Business Manager for Pataula Charter Academy in Edison, GA said, “This shows exactly why we appreciate the work of our authorizer, The State Charter Schools Commission.  They continue to demonstrate their trust in their schools and in the charter school movement. The funds they are distributing back to us will be funneled directly to the classrooms. We will continue to work together to put Georgia’s children first.”


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