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Lake Oconee Academy Ranked Among Top 3 Georgia Elementary Schools

Greensboro, Ga. (August 6, 2013)  –  With the release of state Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests (CRCT) scores comes accolades for high performing schools across Georgia and Lake Oconee Academy is at the top of the list. The Greensboro, Ga., public charter school is the highest performing elementary public charter school in the state as noted by the Georgia Charter School Association and the third highest performing public elementary school as listed by the website

The Georgia Charter School Association published its list of highest performing charter schools in Georgia using the meets and exceeds percentage for each of the five subject areas – Reading, English Language Arts, Math, Science and Social studies. A perfect score using this indicator would be a 500 and Lake Oconee Academy scored a 496.4 ranking it 1st among charter schools and 7th in the ranking of all public elementary schools. The next charter school scored a 490.5 and was ranked 40th.

Lake Oconee Academy also has been ranked by as the 3rd highest performing public elementary school in Georgia. The review covers all 1,165 public elementary schools across Georgia. The schools are ranked using the most recently reported state test scores in English and Math for grades 3 through 5. The English scores and Math scores are averaged and added together to get a total score.

Using this ranking measure, Lake Oconee Academy had a score of 199.2 out of a possible 200 points to notch the third highest score in the state. LOA was topped only by Marietta Center for Advanced Academic s scoring a 200 and the Britt David Elementary Computer Magnet Academy with a score of 199.6. Both of these schools are magnet schools capable of selecting students for their high academic achievement.

The real test of a quality school comes with consistent high performance year after year and Lake Oconee Academy has shown long-term and consistent high performance making it one of the elite academic schools in Georgia. In 2011, LOA ranked 69th in the state or was in the top 6%. In 2012, the school ranked 26th to be in the top 2% of the schools, and in 2013 LOA  moved to 3rd to be in the top 0.3% of all the Georgia public elementary schools. 

Ranking for any school can be found on schooldigger. com. Select Georgia and then choose district scores or school scores and type in the name of the district or school to get its ranking. Lake Oconee Academy is listed as Lake Oconee Charter.