Georgia Charter Schools Association

Free Training: Become a Charter School Founding Board Member

As the charter school community grows, so does the need for founding board members with the critical skills required to steer charters schools from mission development, through petition submission, to becoming operational.

GCSA is pleased to offer a free training on Saturday, April, 2015 9:00 am to noon.  The training is for individuals who have a heart for education and a desire to serve the charter school community. If you have expertise in education, business, law, human resources, marketing, fundraising, or other specialized fields — or if you have strong community and business ties in a particular community, your service can be invaluable to current or future charter public schools.


The free training will introduce the skills and parameters of charter school board service and can match you with schools who would benefit from your skill set. Contact Elisa Falco, 404-837-2973 or to learn more and please complete this short survey below if you are interested in enrolling.