Georgia Charter Schools Association

Charter School Questionnaire Sent to Gubernatorial Candidates

Atlanta, GA, August 13, 2014  –  To help Georgia voters make informed decisions in the upcoming 2014 November election, the Georgia Charter Schools Association (GCSA) has given the three gubernatorial candidates a questionnaire soliciting their views on public charter schools.

The questionnaires were sent to the campaign teams for Governor Nathan Deal (R), Senator Jason Carter (D), and Georgia businessman Andrew Hunt, a Libertarian candidate, last week. 

“As a 501c3 organization, the Georgia Charter Schools Association has a mission to improve student achievement and promote quality options in public K-12 education in Georgia,” said Dr. Tony Roberts, President & CEO of GCSA.  “While we will not endorse any candidates for political office, we can assist the public by letting them know where the candidates stand on the role of public charter schools, the expansion of public school options, and the exchange of innovative practices between charter schools and traditional public schools.”

The GCSA survey contains six charter school-specific questions. Responses will be shared with the voters of Georgia.

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