Georgia Charter Schools Association

The Intown Academy – Elementary Teacher (APS)

The Intown Academy seeks an elementary school teacher. The teacher will be responsible for communicating knowledge to students in an interesting, stimulating and effective manner. He or she will use a variety of instructional methodologies and curriculum resources to present material to students. The teacher will work as a team member, sharing common planning, professional development, curriculum design, and teaching and supervisory responsibilities. Teachers will administer different forms of student assessments, communicate with parents and other team members about student progress and plan for further instruction. They will be reflective about their own practice and act as a coach for their team members when necessary. Teachers will work to integrate technology into their teaching and professional activities.

The teacher will:

  • Implement school and district policies and procedures
  • Implement the appropriate standards for their grade level and/or subject area
  • Collaborate with others on curriculum and student needs
  • Create a culture of ongoing communication with parents
  • Work on curriculum development, in addition to implantation
  • Serve on at least one building committee
  • Attend at least 3 extra-curricular events each semester
  • Attend at least 1 board meeting each semester
  • Integrate technology into instructional program and demonstrate professional use
  • Act as a coach to other teachers in the areas of personal expertise and professionalism
  • Mentor students as needed
  • Other duties as assigned by the administration

Experience and Skills:


  • Ba,BS degree, preferably in a specific subject area (i.e., mathematics chemistry, literature, history, etc).
  • Appropriate teacher certification
  • At least two years of classroom experience (preferred) with a satisfactory rating
  • Willingness to specialize in a subject area
  • Positive recommendations from several individuals who know the candidate well