Georgia Charter Schools Association

The Globe Academy – K-4 Teachers (English & French Immersion, Constructivist)


The GLOBE Academy, a Constructivist-based dual-language immersion charter school is seeking highly qualified lead teachers for the 2014-2015 academic year. Lead teachers should have a solid understanding of teaching in a Constructivist, project-based learning framework and experience with the Workshop teaching model (Reading/Writing Workshop). At this time, we are seeking applicants for English speaking teachers in all grades and all language teachers (Spanish, Mandarin, and French) All teachers (even language teachers) must hold or be eligible for Early Childhood Certification, as they will be teaching in a full-day immersion model and therefore responsible for all core subject areas. Additional endorsements/certifications (Math, Reading, Gifted, ESOL, Special Education) are a plus and preference will be given to such candidates should they meet other important criteria and be a cultural fit with the school.

The GLOBE Academy will serve about 480 students in grades K-4 during the 2014-2015 school year and will add a grade each year through 8th grade. To apply please send a resume and a cover letter explaining the following 3 areas: 1) your prior experience, 2) your philosophy of teaching and learning, and 3) describing what Constructivist teaching looks like in practice in your classroom to. In the subject line please state your name and the position you are applying for (i.e. “Amber Smith – 3rd Grade English Speaking Lead Teacher” OR “Susan Miller – 1st Grade French speaking Teacher). 

All applications must follow the directions above to be considered. Please email applications
to To learn more