Georgia Charter Schools Association

Special Education Advisor – Provost Academy Georgia (Savannah, GA)

Location: Savannah, GA
Start: ASAP

Job Summary:

The Special Education Advisor is an educational professional whose primary role is to guide the student towards academic success, social development and overall preparation for their post-secondary pursuits. They will serve as a coaches, mentors and motivators, at the same time ensuring that each student under their care receives a customized learning experience, by utilizing all available instructional resources to ensure success. The Special Education Advisor, in serving as the primary point of contact for the student and family, is responsible for and advocates the student’s overall academic and professional well-being while being while enrolled at Provost Academy. The Special Education Advisor interacts synchronously and asynchronously with the student through a variety of methods, e-mails, phone calls, and face-to-face meetings at the learning center as well as occasional events. He or she is also responsible for coordinating with the Director of Instruction and the student’s instructors and family to ensure that IEPs are properly created, maintained, and followed. Some local travel will be required.


Main Responsibilities:

Special Education Support

Manage and provide instructional guidance, virtual teaching and general strategies for special education students

Develop, write and help implement IEP and 504 plans

Communicate frequently and consistently with parents of students with special needs to insure that progress is being made through the school year towards meeting IEP goals, and that student needs are addressed throughout the school year

Consult with Instructors and support the use of differentiated and specially designed instruction outlined in the student’s IEP

Facilitate direct services for students as needed, including synchronous instruction in 1-on-1 and small group sessions

Schedule, organize and conduct IEP related meetings in a synchronous online environment

Maintain accurate and timely data in the GradeBook System

Monitor student progress in the Marks System

Assist with administering state testing and coordinate special adaptations defined in the IEP

Assist Instructors with program modifications and strategies for students with IEPs

Student schedules and learning plans

Learn the Provost curriculum for assigned grade levels and subjects

Demonstrate knowledge of state standards, testing requirements, and graduation requirements across core content and electives

Work with the student to determine an academically appropriate schedule and personal learning plan based on the prior knowledge base, the student’s IEP and potential career path

Enter student schedule information into the student information system (SIS) to maintain accurate academic records

Create a personal learning plan for each student

Monitor the implementation of the student’s IEP, participate in team meetings and communicate progress towards IEP goals and objectives to parents as outlined in the IEP

Ensure that each student has a well rounded schedule that best coordinate with the minimum yearly requirements

Review student transcripts to ensure appropriates scheduling of courses

Develop an Individualized Graduation Plan (IGP) or Personal Learning Plan (PLP), per state requirements for each of student while including their parents

Ensure students are passing classes and maintain progress towards an on-time graduation

Interact, as needed, with students at the learning centers to better understand their specific challenges, strengths and weaknesses


Ensure that parents/guardians verify student attendance at regular intervals.

Communicate immediately with students who are truant both online as well as at the learning center.

Created individualized attendance plans for students with attendance issues

Maintenance of the Learning Environment

Initiate and strengthen relationships with students and their families through many different interactions both online and in-person in order to better understand student and family backgrounds, issues and personalities

Be available to students and families on a daily basis

Support student technology needs working as a partner with technology support personnel

Organize and participate in orientation, training, social and educational activities, field trips and clubs for students and families

Manage and maintain a virtual workspace that supports instruction and student achievement

Professional Responsibilities

Maintain current knowledge regarding special education laws and standards

Provide frequent special education-focused trainings and professional development to staff in order to keep the school current with changing federal and state requirements as they pertain to virtual and blended education

Partner with School Operations Manager to identify related service provided throughout the State. Also coordinate service and billing

Commit to the use of best practices and to the use of cutting-edge technology to deliver sound

Serve as the “Customer Service Representative” for the school, ensuring that the student’s experience in our school is maximized

Build community by contributing to school message boards, newsletter and events

Participate in staff meetings and professional development sessions

Communicate with colleagues and supervisors on a regular basis

Maintain confidentiality as required by the school and by law

Coordinate vision and hearing screening for applicable grade levels

Additional duties as assigned


  • Bachelor degree, Masters degree preferred
  • Minimum two years teaching experience in a traditional (brick & mortar) virtual school preferred
  • Experience teaching or participating in an e-learning/online learning course preferred
  • State Certification for Special Education required; additional endorsement in a Secondary Education core subject preferred
  • Strong written and verbal skills
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook
  • Proficiency with multimedia communication tools, such as discussion boards, web logs, email, instant messaging and audio podcasts
  • Ability and availability to travel within the state as needed
  • High degree of flexibility
  • Demonstrated ability to thrive in a fast-paced work environment

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