Georgia Charter Schools Association

International Community Charter School – Principal (DeKalb)

Primary Function:  Drive the agenda and manage the relationships among the educators, parents, government bodies and other revenue sources that enable ICS to serve the students of our unique school. Ensure compliance with charter school law and DCSD policies. Oversee teaching and administrative staff and a budget in excess of $4M.

About our School: International Community School is a DeKalb County, Georgia K-5 IBPYP charter school with the special mission of educating recently-arrived refugee children alongside American-born children. DeKalb has one of the highest ratios of resettled refugees of any county in the United States.  

Position Begins:                The opening is immediate, the start date must be before July 21, 201

Reports to: ICS Board of Directors

Terms of Employment:  210 days 


Education Level: Master’s Degree or higher

Experience: Leadership position of an ideals-driven team. Budgetary oversight. A minimal of ten years of elementary or middle school experience, with at least three years at administrator level or the equivalent experience.

Proficient Skills: Ability to lead a diverse, multi-national community; familiarity with funding sources and issues; judicious budget management; ability to inspire and communicate professionally with students, parents, staff, and the community; willingness to work closely with issues of curriculum, instruction, IB standards and charter school law. 

Essential Duties:

Follows and enforces the By-Laws of the school and the requirements of the Charter.

Attends Charter School Association meetings, state Charter Schools meetings, and any other meetings deemed necessary to effectively manage school operations and to implement the charter.

Ensures the charter is implemented and the mission is followed.

A pro-active voice as needed in regulatory conversations that concern charter laws, refugee support and school operations.

Adheres to and enforces the charter, state, county, and local laws.

Effectively keeps the board informed on all issues related to the governance and successful operation of the school.


Maintains confidentiality at all times of students and students’ records by refraining from speaking or communicating outside of a private school setting with or around unauthorized individuals.

School Safety

Enforces regulations and maintains data concerning student conduct and discipline.

Implements and enforces a crisis management plan and follows all state and local mandates related to reporting of crisis management.

Guards the health and safety of students in all school situations.

Maintain emotional stability and physical stamina to perform in a leadership role. 


Recruits, cultivates, and maintains strong relationships with partners in education.

Works collaboratively with the Cluster Administrator and identified school leadership team to develop and effectively implement a School Improvement Plan annually.


Attends to students, teachers, and parents in a caring, respectful and consistent manner.

Is accessible to students, staff, and the community.

Communicates effectively with staff and parents regarding school news.

Regularly participates in school related activities.

Makes the school facility an attractive, welcoming, safe, productive, and child-centered place in which to work, learn and build community.


Seeks out grants and other revenue opportunities.

Oversees financial operation of the school and demonstrates appropriate fiscal management of funds.

Administration & Evaluation

Maintains accurate, complete, and appropriate records and files and reports promptly.

Handles routine practices and keeps accurate records.

Maintains metrics of student achievements, and reports these to the board and community at large.

Advocate-in-chief for the school, communicating our unique mission to local, state and national media as chief spokesman.

Participate in needs of state-wide testing policies, procedures, and mandates by attending required testing meetings and following state mandated procedures for administering tests.

Uses appropriate methods for continuous evaluation of instruction and learning by assessing school-wide standardized and non-standardized data.


Works collaboratively with the school’s leadership team to develop and implement an effective Professional Development Plan.

Encourages teachers and other employees to develop their capabilities by providing them with security and freedom in their jobs.

Hires, supervises, monitors, supports, and evaluates non-instructional staff.

Supports the educational staff to build and support a professional learning community that promotes excellence in student achievement.

Orients newly assigned staff members and assists in their development.

Observes classroom teaching practices for quality and excellence.

Demonstrates a willingness to support and implement new educational concepts.

The statements contained herein describe the scope of the responsibility and essential functions of this position, but should not be considered to be an all-inclusive listing of work requirements. Individuals may perform other duties as assigned. Nothing in this job description restricts management’s right to assign or reassign duties and responsibilities to this job at any time unless restricted by a negotiated contract.

Submission Details:

Please submit with your resume a cover letter detailing any specialized experience you have that would be an asset to our school’s unique mission of working with the resettled refugee community. Contact board members Paul Ferguson and Rhina Williams with a resume and cover letter.