Georgia Charter Schools Association

CharterStart – 2011 Cohort III – Session II

Workshops include intensive training sessions covering all aspects of planning, operating and sustaining a successful charter school.  Sessions have been developed with input from the State Department of Education, local authorizers, and incorporate the latest thinking from research-based educational organizations.  GCSA, the state’s advocate for charter schools, monitors best practices in education and business, and the work of charter school organizations across the nation.

 The Workshop Series is offered three times a year.  Each series is broken into 4 days of training (minimum 32 contact hours).  Each of the 4-day long sessions covers a variety of topics.  Additional meeting dates may be scheduled to ensure adequate time has been dedicated to each topic.  Lunch is provided. 

CharterStart members will leave the program with a personal library of essential literature – books, handouts, resources, and critical tools – to enhance their professional development and entrepreneurship.

For more information about CharterStart, or any CharterUniversity offering, please contact Elisa A. Falco, Director of Education & Training, .